ACDI Employee Spotlight: Thomas Penn

Thomas Penn is new to the ACDI team and is one of the most talented musicians we've ever met. He serves with purpose in his role as the Procurement & Shipping Agent for our Hardware & Technology department and there's no doubt that he has a lot of fun doing it. 

PaperCut 18.0 | Better Features, Better Future

Version 18.0 kicks off another year of mind-blowing milestones for PaperCut MF with features you can’t wait to get your hands on like the brand new… Job Ticketing! Track and control 3D & production printers

ACDI Employee Spotlight: Kim Barcafer

An essential cog in the well-oiled machine better known as ACDI’s North Central and South Central regions, Kim Barcafer provides first-rate sales support as one of our best Regional Solutions Specialists. This savvy businesswoman is committed to serving with a purpose, but never fails to inject a sense of humor along with genuine camaraderie into t...

PaperCut MF Earns Outstanding Cost Accounting & Cost Control Solution

Keypoint Intelligence analysts have selected PaperCut 17 as the industry’s “Outstanding Cost Accounting & Cost Control Solution”. The 2018 Pick Award comes on the heels of new features released over the previous year such as Mobility Print and the expansion of Integrated Scanning.

Best of 2017: ACDI's Top 5 Blogs of the Year

A good beginning indeed makes a good end! 2017 was a record year for both the imaging industry and ACDI. We gained new partnerships, experienced a ton of growth, received abundant support and developed many new alliances. It couldn't have been done without close collaboration among our channel partners from beginning to end.

ACDI Employee Spotlight: Terrence Koonce

Stylishly dressed and sharp as a tack, Terrence Koonce brings a sense of cheeriness (and cheesiness) to our seriously professional Professional Services team. With an impressive background in IT Security, Marketing, and Pop Music, Terrence is undoubtedly a man of many surprises.

ACDI Employee Spotlight: Zach Bearden

The new kid on the block? Not so new! Zach Bearden has been a part of ACDI since 2016 and is the youngest member of the family. Supporting our operations team as a Processing Technician (and Lead Sarcasm Specialist), he delivers quotes by day and competes in gaming tournaments by night.

Introducing PaperCut 17.4 | Experience Better

PaperCut 17.4 expands features designed to enhance the user experience and achieve true parity across all vendors. The latest release features Integrated Scanning for Ricoh, customer-driven enhancements for Mobility Print and improvements for Toshiba, Konica Minolta, HP, and more.

ACDI Wins Pinnacle Award & "Best Software & Services Provider"

Winston Churchill once stated that it is not strength, it is not intelligence but continuous effort that is the key to unlocking potential. Through continuous effort, strategic partnerships, and sheer teamwork, ACDI is proud to have been recognized by the members of our industry and our peers as the best software and solutions provider in the indus...

ACDI Grand Opening: You Made It Possible!!

Blog posts, letters, phone calls, tweets, video chats... There are a million ways to say "Thank you", but we still can't express our gratitude enough. After 23 years in the business, we've made friends from near and far and many of those friends recently shared a very special day with us.

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